Pergo, like Kleenex, had become a synonym for the category. This totally integrated campaign instantly changed that into a definitive brand preference. It’s built on the misadventures of a lovable, energetic, accident anxious to happen. A 110 pound Great Dane puppy named Pergo, the embodiment of everything in life that can happen to and on a Pergo floor. He became an instant industry icon, driving consumers to the website in record numbers to learn more.

At the same time Pergo the dog was delivering his consumer message, he created activists in the trade. With ads, selling pieces, collateral, kiosks, dealer programs and YouTube videos.

On television, YouTube, Facebook and the website, we gave an animal shelter a new floor and turned Pergo’s friends loose to demonstrate why There’s Only One Pergo.


Consumers, moved to “Like” and learn more on Facebook and go to the website, can see all of the Pergo styles and decors, plan their project, download the specs and find the nearest retailer. All with puppy Pergo’s help, of course.