ATLANTA, GA, May 2, 2018 –  On Monday, May 7, Atlanta advertising agency, Drum Worldwide, will be working under the new name of Barber Warren Advertising.

The change is one of name only, as Barber Warren retains all of its clients, personnel, mission and model.

“Our ‘creating brand activists’ positioning and client-centric model – the things that generate smart thinking and successful campaigns–remain at our core,” said Partner/Creative Director Bob Warren.

 “When we launched Drum,” added Hal Barber, Partner/Creative Director, “there were two agencies with Drum derivative names, one with a history of design and direct mail expertise and the other an out-of-town, regional web developer.  Now there are multiple design firms, app developers, public relations firms, you name it – all with Drum derivative names and two sharing our logo font. Not to mention a popular online industry publication.”

While the agency was able to grow without confusion among clients, potential clients, new business consultants and vendors, that changed several months ago. Drum Advertising, Chicago, purchased long-time Atlanta direct mail agency, BKV, renaming it Drum Advertising.

“We began experiencing confusion within the advertising community,” said Warren. “At the same time, a valued research and planning partner told us that while our positioning was strong, our name was limiting the impact of it with prospects. So it was time to change.”

Barber Warren is an Atlanta based advertising agency, co-founded as Drum in January of 2013 by Hal Barber and Bob Warren. Clients include Coca-Cola, Crown & Caliber, BlackFin Square, Gant Medical, The Mind’s Eye Group, Kel-Tec CNC Industries, , Police Security Flashlights and pro-bono clients Global Paint for Charity and Beats The Streets.