Yes, pluck it. As in forget introducing a line extension. Lets create a whole new light – a whole new category of wearable, multi-functional lighting instead. Part headlamp, part flashlight, part magnetic light and part area light, Morf Removables is more than bright. It’s brilliant. Yes, we named it, positioned it, created their brand identity and more.

MORF BOXES 050119small-min.jpg

First up: packaging. We gave it a shape and form that screams game changer and shows off the product. And gave it a look that stands out from the sea of red and yellow competitors. Oh, and it also provided a telegraphic on-package demonstration of all that Morf Removables can do. In other words, we let Morf Removables sell itself. And it is.


We also let pictures speak their thousand words. Loudly. In well-timed email blasts compelling everyone going to the National Hardware Show to see the unveiling of Morf Removables in booth 5041. Working that data base of valued and most wanted retailers.

MORF Booth2.jpg

And the booth? When your product’s a game-changer, you change the game. So rather than make Morf Removalbes as part of the lineup of Police Security Badass Flashlights, we blew it all out for Morf Removables. Making it the buzz of NHS and turning retailers into brand activists on the spot.


Hope your short list of most wanted retailers visits your booth? Pluck that, too. We sent them a unique and compelling mailer the week before. A tablet-like video/brochure that when opened, automatically plays the short introduction to Morf Removables below. Did it work? Well, we opened doors that were closed to the brand before. Doors opened well ahead of the National Hardware Store.