People are naturally skeptical of buying a $5000-30,000 pre-owned luxury watch. And even more skeptical of buying one online. Fears haunt them. So we “personified” those fears, using animal heads and a high fashion look to depict what a wrong decision would make them feel like. Then we presented Crown & Caliber as the “The Smarter Way To Buy A Watch”.

Crown & Caliber Dumbass TV


Magazine ads and posters allowed us to address every consumer fear. The fear of paying too much, of the watch being fake, of it not working to manufacturer specs, even the fear of being trapped in a purchase with no return policy. Every time increasing awareness and trust of the Crown & Caliber brand.

Digital and Social, like TV and Print, drove enthusiasts to the website to learn more. As a result of our campaign that launched in November, year-over year-revenue for the Holiday period increased 7%.  But it didn’t stop there. The campaign also created a totally unanticipated January spike in website traffic, impressions and conversions, contributing to Q1 year-over-year revenue jumping 30%.

All while creating trust in the Crown & Caliber brand and turning website visitors into purchasers and brand activists, influencing others to do likewise.