How do you bolster brand activists for AMC & Coca-Cola?  By allowing them to experience the native role of both brands in-theatre, as anticipation builds from Coming Attractions to the movie they came to see.

Coke has always been refreshing and optimistic.  So we let people experience both, literally through the brand. Demand for the green glass bottle soared and, equally important, Coke reconnected with brand activists and quenched its thirst for consumer relevance.

Coca-Cola didn’t become the world’s #1 brand without being a part of every season. Even racing season? And brand activists? In Paris, they even log-jammed a wing of the Louvre to view our “Snowflake” ad.

While the above campaign never ran (it was the runner-up to the “Looking Glass” outdoor campaign), it put a new twist on an old Coke theme line to lift the brand’s stature, making it more socially relevant. Coke has always been about bringing people together.  We just showed it the way it happens - with straws and a Coke.